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USB Nyuszi

USB nyuszi a youtubon.

  • Video o výrobě flash disku ASA, 11kB

USB flash drive chicken HELP FOR CHILDREN

Custom-made USB flash drive for HELP FOR CHILDREN foundation.

This cute USB chicken was made for a charity foundation supported by Czech Television (CT) - HELP FOR CHILDREN. Flat 2D shape is ideal for usage in thin notebooks. The USB chicken can stand upright on a table, stick to your computer or just hang from your keys.

USB flash drive .A.S.A. truck

Custom-made USB flash drive designed in a shape of waste truck .A.S.A., spol. s r.o.

USB truck went through a detailed development. We tried to design the shape as close as possible to the real life truck, but in the same time we had to maintain compact size for usage in PCs. Eventually we managed to combine ideal shape with practicality. The end product came out so well it was almost indistinguishable from its real life counterpart. The product already promotes the company in several countries throughout Europe.

USB flash drive SEAT ALHAMBRA 3D

3D USB flash drive designed according to SEAT ALHAMBRA car.

SEAT ALHAMBRA 3D flash drive was designed precisely to the visage of the new SEAT Alhambra. Thanks to the exact and precise manufacturing, the USB drive and the original car almost look nearly the same. This USB drive is an ideal gift for owners of a new SEAT Alhambra or fans of SEAT. With its practical size and handy chain the USB miniature of beloved four-wheel car can be worn on the keys at all times.

USB flash drive ČZU leaf

This flash drive in quite simple shape looks very luxorious. It's supported by beautiful colours and soft material.

Using the traditional leaf shape of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, we've created a unique series of flash drives in different University colors. Thanks to rounded edges and soft silicon, the flash drives are very nice to touch and they look amazing on your keychain.


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